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Paul Mitchell

Paul Mitchell Signature Salon

“As part of our commitment to the professional beauty industry, we created the Signature & Focus Salon Program to give substantial benefits and support to salons that choose to build their future with Paul Mitchell®. These special salons also have the advantage of synergistically working with our brand for more global exposure. We welcome you to join this network of outstanding salons and stylists associated with the Signature & Focus Salon Program.”

Deva Concepts for Curly Girls

Botanically infused and 100% hair-harming sulfate free, Deva Concept’s interchangeable line of products allows for simplicity, individuality, and freedom to address the specific needs of YOUR hair! You deserve healthy and beautiful hair, and it can be yours through Deva. Choose from Deva Curl or Deva Care and find what’s right for you.

DEVA CURL: Deva removed the harsh, dehydrating detergents that create lather, which is purely aesthetic and does not clean the hair, and infused a high concentration of cleansing and moisturizing botanicals that rejuvenate, restore, and respect your hair’s natural order.

DEVA CARE: Specifically designed for dehydrated and chemically processed curls, DevaCare is enriched with Vitamin C and orange peel extract to slow color fading.

We are a certified Deva Curl Cutting Salon.

For more information, check out Deva Concept’s website at http://www.devacurl.com/.