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Pre Waxing Recommendations

• Make sure your skin is irritation and blemish free because the wax will make it worse.

• If you’re a female, don’t wax two days before your period because this is the time when your skin is most sensitive

• It is recommended to exfoliate and use a light moisturizer for the area you want to wax prior to the session so the wax will take off only your hair and none of your skin.

• Are you afraid of the pain? Take a couple Ibuprofens before the session to help with some of the pain and prevent swelling

• For best results, your hair must be 1/4 of an inch long, which is an average of 10-12 days of growth

• Do not go tanning before your waxing appointment. Tanning dries the skin causing it to be more senstive, which will leave you skin more susceptible to burning

• Always tell your skin care provider if you are currently using any topical creams, or medications for acne or AHA’s for anti aging. These Medications cause the skin to be thinner and will always result in tearing or burning of the skin.

Post Waxing Care

• Try not to wear any tight clothing or panties to prevent irritation

• Keep hands away from freshly waxed skin because this may cause irritation or small pimples

• Do not tan in a bed or go into any steam rooms

• After two days, use a light exfoliator to prevent ingrown hairs as long as there is no current irritation

• If you do get ingrown hairs, I highly recommend starting the use of Whish skin care products or Chromabrite to stop those pesky ingrown hairs.

• Do not shower directly after a wax, give your skin 6-8 hours

• Avoid any friction or rubbing for 4-6 hours

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